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CCI Primers

CCI primers for sale

CCI Primers have always been a world leader in providing clean, dry and lubricated air ducts. As a company we pride ourselves on using products and processes that are designed to be easy to maintain and install but at the same time offer high quality performance and unparalleled ease of use. Over the years our goal has been to continually improve upon our product offerings to offer the most complete and easiest to install air duct system available. The quality of our air duct cleaning products is unmatched and our workmanship is second to none. This is why we have been able to build a team of dedicated and professional air duct cleaning technicians who are always on hand to offer the best customer service possible. Ammo supplier shop has the best cci primers for sale. We ship our cci primers worldwide. You get a tracking number after placing your order.

CCI Large Rifle Primers for sale

You can find CCI Primers in a variety of styles, types and sizes. All are specifically engineered to perform well in harsh environments and are EPA/PA approved for indoor air cleaning. Because of this, you can use cci primer without concern over having to meet any government regulations.

CCI Small Pistol Primers

Many homeowners wonder if using cci primers is worthwhile because of the potential for voiding of warranties. It is important to know and understand that most air ducts are constructed with a non-woven, powder-coated duct lining that is then covered with a fiberglass sleeve that acts as an airflow passage. The use of air duct primer or black powder penetrates and bonds the inner fiberglass sleeve and liner creating a tight seal that protects your ducts from contamination, moisture, dust, debris and airborne allergens. For these reasons and many more, it is in your best interest to purchase your cci primed hoses and filters from trusted sources and use them in your HVAC systems year round with peace of mind.

CCI Primers in stock

Most importantly for those who have their own HVAC system at home, there is another important benefit to CCI primers: they are easier and more consistent than traditional smokeless powders. Smokeless powder tends to leave a fine dust residue behind after dispensing. However, cci-core particles have very little dust residue and easily slide down into the primer reservoir. This leads to better dispersion and less mess during subsequent seating. Furthermore, because cci primers dispense lighter loads than smokeless powders, they are more consistent and burn cleaner as well.

The final reason to use cci-primer is that they are more safe to handle and operate than other  common smokeless powder alternatives. CCI primers do not produce smoke, so there is no danger of accidental discharge when using them with a small rifle or pistol. They also tend to be more stable and result in smoother priming for those who are used to working with larger primers.

Overall, these new reloading primers from Cci primers are a welcome addition to the reloading industry. This is due to their unmatched performance and ease of use. In fact, Cci primers products are constantly tested and improving, so you know that you’re getting your money’s worth. For consistent cleanliness and reliability of your small arms, you owe it to yourself to invest in high quality Cci  primers products. These are truly worthwhile products.

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