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Federal Primers

Federal Primers for sale

Midsouth has the top-rated Federal Small Pistol Primer in stock. The Federal Small Pistol Primer is available in 1000 count. The Federal Small Pistol Primer is specifically designed to give beginning shooters confidence and ease with the handling of ammunition.

The Federal Primer is very well engineered, and will not fail to shoot consistently every time. The powder coating provides exceptional resistance to rusting and corrosion, which makes it longer lasting than similar primers on the market today. The primer coat itself, is extremely tough and resistant to abrasion, cracking, or chipping. Midsouth products are made with the toughest leather-like PVC coatings, which also offer superior protection from abrasion. The primer coat thickness is two times thicker than that of high-quality powders.

Midsouth products are guaranteed to be safe for you and your firearm. All of the primers that they sell are high-quality, and are specifically manufactured to insure safety. The primers have been loaded several times at various rifle ranges to ensure their quality. The primer coatings will not crack, peel, or pit. Midsouth will guarantee that each round that leaves their guns will leave with the same fine results as the first.

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The Federal Small Pistol Primers includes everything you need to mount your pistol, including an orange tip primer, two primers, and a case, and will make any of your future reloads easy and reliable. Once you’ve taken the time to learn how to use your new pistol primer, you’ll never want to go back to using any old primers again. Not only will your accuracy improve, but so will your shooting. federal large rifle primers for sale online

Federal large rifle primers

Midsouth manufactures several different models of pistol cases that are perfect for storing these primers. They even have a special model just for storing pistol ammo because it fits inside. No matter what kind of gun you have, the ammo will always be kept safe, and will be ready when you are. If you’re the type who doesn’t hunt or shoot a lot of ammo, the pistol primer kit is a good investment for you to make. Buy federal large rifle primers online from ammo supplier shop.

Midsouth Federal small pistol primer kits are available online. You can order them right over the internet, through their website, or from their office if you prefer. They can ship directly to your home, or you can choose to pick up your case at their office if you prefer, and pick up your pistol after your order is complete.

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