Federal 100 primers


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Federal 100 Primers are just the same primers that military uses for their high quality ammo. They are guaranteed for use in all calibers and have been developed to be of the highest caliber. When it comes to printing on custom cartridges, accuracy is the name of the game. When using your own gun with ammo, it’s imperative to have the most accurate ammunition possible for the buck.

For over 50 years, American consumers have relied on the reliability of top name brands including Remington, Winchester, and Federal to deliver top quality pistol ammo. Today these fine names are still a reliable source of high quality 100 primers. Federal 100 primers can be used in a variety of calibers including pistol, sub-machine gun, and even rifles. They are manufactured with extreme care to ensure that they will not jam in any environment. There is no compromise on Federal 100 primers’ performance and the accuracy that they provide.

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