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Homophobia– Fear of homosexuality otherwise to become homosexual

Homophobia– Fear of homosexuality otherwise to become homosexual

Heterophobia– Fear of the contrary sex

Galeophobia or Gatophobia– Anxiety about kitties. Gamophobia– Fear of relationships. Geliophobia– Concern about humor. Gelotophobia– Fear of being chuckled in the. Gephyrophobia otherwise Gephydrophobia otherwise Gephysrophobia– Concern with crossing bridges.. Gerascophobia– Concern with growing old. Gerontophobia– Fear of dated somebody or off growing older. Glossophobia– Concern about speaking in public otherwise when trying to speak. Gnosiophobia– Fear of knowledge. Graphophobia– Fear of composing or handwriting. Gymnophobia– Concern with nudity. Gynephobia otherwise Gynophobia– Anxiety about ladies.

Hadephobia– Anxiety about heck. Hagiophobia– Concern with new orleans saints or holy things escort service San Bernardino CA. Hamartophobia– Fear of sinning. Haphephobia otherwise Haptephobia– Anxiety about are touched. Harpaxophobia– Concern about being robbed. Hedonophobia– Concern about impact pleasure. Helminthophobia– Anxiety about are plagued having viruses. Hemophobia otherwise Hemaphobia or Hematophobia– Fear of bloodstream. Herpetophobia– Fear of reptiles otherwise weird, crawly one thing. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- Concern about the amount 666. Hierophobia– Concern about priests otherwise sacred one thing. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Anxiety about a lot of time conditions. Hobophobia– Concern about bums or beggars. Homilophobia– Concern about sermons. Hominophobia– Anxiety about men. Hoplophobia– Anxiety about guns. Hydrophobophobia– Concern with rabies. Hyelophobia otherwise Hyalophobia– Concern about mug. Hygrophobia– Anxiety about liquid, dampness, otherwise moisture. Hypengyophobia otherwise Hypegiaphobia– Concern with obligations. Hypnophobia– Fear of sleep otherwise of being hypnotized. Hypsiphobia– Fear of top.

Iatrophobia– Fear of going to the doc or out of medical professionals. Ichthyophobia– Concern with seafood. Ideophobia– Concern with ideas. Illyngophobia– Concern with vertigo otherwise impact light headed when looking off. Iophobia– Anxiety about poison. Insectophobia – Concern about bugs. Isolophobia- Fear of solitude, becoming by yourself. Isopterophobia– Fear of termites, insects that eat wood. Ithyphallophobia– Concern with enjoying, contemplating or having an erect manhood.

Genophobia– Concern about intercourse

. Kakorrhaphiophobia– Concern with failure otherwise beat. Katagelophobia– Concern about ridicule. Kathisophobia– Concern with sitting down. Katsaridaphobia– Fear of cockroaches. Kleptophobia- Fear of stealing. Kolpophobia- Concern about snatch, instance people. Kopophobia– Fear of weakness. Koniophobia– Fear of dust. (Amathophobia) Kosmikophobia– Anxiety about cosmic trend. Kynophobia- Anxiety about rabies.

Lachanophobia– Concern with make. Laliophobia otherwise Lalophobia– Concern about talking. Leprophobia or Lepraphobia– Concern with leprosy.. Ligyrophobia– Concern with loud music. Lilapsophobia– Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes. Limnophobia– Anxiety about lakes. Linonophobia– Concern about string. Liticaphobia– Fear of lawsuits. Lockiophobia– Concern about childbearing. Logizomechanophobia– Fear of computers. Logophobia– Concern about conditions. Luiphobia– Concern about syphillis. Lygophobia– Concern about dark. Lyssophobia– Concern with rabies or to become annoyed

Macrophobia– Anxiety about long waits. Mageirocophobia– Fear of cooking. Maieusiophobia- Concern with childbirth. Malaxophobia– Fear of love gamble. Maniaphobia– Anxiety about madness. Mastigophobia– Concern about discipline. Mechanophobia– Fear of machines. Medomalacuphobia– Concern with dropping a hardon. Medorthophobia– Concern about a vertical dick. Megalophobia– Anxiety about higher things. Melissophobia– Concern with bees.. Melophobia– Concern otherwise hatred out of songs. Meningitophobia– Fear of notice condition. Menophobia– Concern with durations. Merinthophobia– Anxiety about are bound otherwise tied up. Metallophobia– Concern with metal. Metathesiophobia– Anxiety about transform. Meteorophobia- Concern with meteors. Methyphobia– Anxiety about alcoholic drinks. Microbiophobia– Concern with microorganisms. (Bacillophobia) Microphobia– Concern with little things. Misophobia or Mysophobia– Concern with are contaminated having mud or bacteria. Mnemophobia– Concern with memories. Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia– Concern about mud or toxic contamination. Monophobia– Fear of solitude or being alone. Monopathophobia– Concern about distinct state. Motorphobia- Concern with trucks. Musophobia or Muriphobia– Concern with mice. Myctophobia– Concern about dark. Myrmecophobia– Concern with ants. Mythophobia– Concern with myths or tales or false comments. Myxophobia- Fear of slime. Necrophobia– Concern about passing or deceased something. Neopharmaphobia– Fear of the fresh new medications.. Noctiphobia– Anxiety about the night. Nomatophobia– Fear of labels. Nosocomephobia– Fear of healthcare facilities. Nosophobia otherwise Nosemaphobia– Concern about as unwell. Nostophobia– Concern with going back home. Nudophobia– Anxiety about nudity. Numerophobia– Concern with quantity. Nyctohylophobia– Concern with ebony wooded parts or from forest in the evening Nyctophobia– Anxiety about the new black or from nights.

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